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The art and science of lasting impressions

An Introduction

Printology Signs & Graphics is a place where art and science come together to help our clients make the best possible impression with custom signs and graphic solutions in Beaufort and Bluffton, SC. First impressions are lasting impressions. Great graphics combined with meticulous craftsmanship create lasting impressions. Browse our website to see the graphics that have made a lasting impression on us.

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A Definition

PRINT: An original work of art intended for graphic repro-duction OLOGY: A branch of knowledge. As our name implies, we are not an ordinary sign business. Our products whether lobby signage or museum graphics tend to be  artistic and memorable—something that makes a lasting impression. And our base knowledge and desire to stay on the cutting edge of industry techniques and trends make us specialists. Printology by our definition requires both art and a science to make a lasting impression.

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A Commitment

We are committed to excellence and professionalism in our graphic solutions and client relationships. With our backgrounds you can expect nothing less. Coming from a 20-year career in the corporate world, we aim to bring unprecedented professionalism to our client relationships. Additionally, our 20 years of experience in design, printing, and sign fabrication ensures creative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. By getting to know our clients and their businesses, we work together on creative graphic and signage solutions and deliver meticulously crafted products that leave a lasting impression.

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BLOG: Lasting Impressions

See the latest posts from the Printology Signs & Graphics Lasting Impressions blog.

Sign Museum—A Bucket-List Trip

Sign Museum—A Bucket-List Trip

If I were traveling this July 4th week and perhaps passing through Ohio, I would probably drive out of my way to see what USA Today describes as a “bucket-list destination” in Cincinnati, Ohio—The American Sign Museum. It’s a natural fit for a sign business that does museum work, right? A museum filled with everything signage related. And I had heard about the museum before I saw the USA Today mention, but honestly didn’t think of it as a bucket-list item until now. Then after reading the blurb my interest was piqued so I went to the American Sign Museum website. Wow! This place is a lot more than a museum dedicated to telling the more than 100-year history of American signage. It really embraces what I see as the mission of museums. It creates a place that is not only dedicated to sharing, in this case, the art and history of sign making, but also a space for cultural curiosity that brings people together. For example, this summer the museum is presenting a concert series, “Signs & Songs,” featuring some of the city’s top folk-blues, New Orleans jazz, and bluegrass bands. The museum also serves as a venue for weddings, etc. And it encourages visitors to become involved with its Save Old Signs project, which involves listing endangered signs, tracking restoration, and providing resources for preservation. Well, if I wasn’t convinced yet to make to add this to my bucket-list, I came across a blog, Bill on the Road, from a journalist Bill Clevlen, who travels across the Unites States finding “people and places making our country great.” In...
Custom wall murals create water view

Custom wall murals create water view

In Beaufort, restaurant guests look for local flavor, great food, and “a view of the water.” Blackstone’s Cafe easily satisfies an appetite for the first two. And now Blackstone’s offers scenic water views at the Scott Street location via custom wall murals. When the new owners purchased Blackstone’s recently, they envied the other downtown restaurants that overlook the Beaufort River. So they decided to create a waterfront dining experience with custom wall murals. The idea is to provide a feel of waterfront dining without changing the character of the restaurant know for its alma mater flags and pennants. The owners worked with local photographers to capture the view from the Woods Memorial Bridge to the McTeer Bridge for the wall murals. The photographs were stitched and scaled to create floor-to-ceiling murals for both upstairs and downstairs walls. Once the correct size, the images were printed with HP latex inks on a commercial-grade Type II wallpaper. This type of wallcovering media meets industry criteria for scrubability, stain resistance, flame spread, colorfastness, and abrasion resistance. When combined with HP inks the wallcovering lasts indoors away from direct sunlight for up to 20 years. The wallcovering goes up with common adhesives and installation techniques. All of these factors were important to the new Blackstone’s...
Small Museums Part of Big Stories

Small Museums Part of Big Stories

“Small museums may be a small piece of the big picture of our national history but without each small piece the big picture begins to crumble and fade.” Laurel Watson, curator Hayden Culture Center in Northern Colorado A few weeks ago as we were in the middle of printing, production, and installation for the “Homegrown Heroes: The Lowcountry in World War II” exhibit at the Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage, a blog post from Uncataloged Museum caught my attention. Titled “A Small Piece of the Big Picture: IMLS and Local Communities”  the post from Uncataloged Museum sums up why proposed funding cuts could devastate local, small museums and culture centers throughout the country. Politics aside, what really resonated with me was the idea that our local museums play a large role in educating our communities about their seemingly small but vital stories of our history.   The recently opened Morris Center exhibit in Ridgeland, South Carolina, is a perfect example of a small museum telling a piece of a larger story. The small museum (a Sinclair Service Station that was converted to a culture center a few years ago) highlights the personal stories of 20 Lowcountry heroes–One of those stories about a 16-year-old high school boy who was chosen to join the Office of Strategic Services because he was a gifted cartographer. It showcases World War II artifacts from local residents–The Nazi flag on display is authentic. And it details World War II history that is unique to our area–Roughly 9,500 Germans POWs from 21 camps in South Carolina worked on farms, including ones in the Lowcountry during World War II. These are the small pieces,...
Wrapped Vehicles Drive Business

Wrapped Vehicles Drive Business

We’ve conducted an informal study on vehicle wraps in our area to find out whether wrapped vehicles really do drive business in Beaufort County. We’ve seen articles in Printing News that quote Outdoor Advertising Association of America’ s claim that “media targeting drivers and passengers reaches more than 95 percent of Americans” from the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. And further states that “one vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily, up to 3,000 in one hour.” But what can Beaufort County (population approximately 183,000) business owners really expect? When we opened just under two years ago, Mark’s gray Honda Ridgeline was just plain gray. Not even a cut vinyl logo or magnet promoting our new wide format printing business venture on the door, window, or tailgate of the truck. All along, however, he had wanted to wrap the truck. For months he talked about his truck wrap. Eventually, he sat down with our designers to fine tune the design—something that would get noticed without being a design wreck, something that he would want to drive everywhere as his primary vehicle. The design came together late last fall and the vehicle wrap install followed soon after. The not-so-scientific study began in February. Using his now wrapped truck as the willing participant, we wanted to find out: 1. Would the truck attract attention? Yes. Most everyone who now saw Mark’s truck commented on the great design or asked about our business. We even had a police officer call after hours one evening to say he had just seen a Printology truck and wanted a quote for his personal car. He...

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