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The art and science of lasting impressions

An Introduction

Printology Signs & Graphics is a place where art and science come together to help our clients make the best possible impression with custom signs and graphic solutions in Beaufort and Bluffton, SC. First impressions are lasting impressions. Great graphics combined with meticulous craftsmanship create lasting impressions. Browse our website to see the graphics that have made a lasting impression on us.

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A Definition

PRINT: An original work of art intended for graphic repro-duction OLOGY: A branch of knowledge. As our name implies, we are not an ordinary sign business. Our products whether lobby signage or museum graphics tend to be  artistic and memorable—something that makes a lasting impression. And our base knowledge and desire to stay on the cutting edge of industry techniques and trends make us specialists. Printology by our definition requires both art and a science to make a lasting impression.

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A Commitment

We are committed to excellence and professionalism in our graphic solutions and client relationships. With our backgrounds you can expect nothing less. Coming from a 20-year career in the corporate world, we aim to bring unprecedented professionalism to our client relationships. Additionally, our 20 years of experience in design, printing, and sign fabrication ensures creative solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations. By getting to know our clients and their businesses, we work together on creative graphic and signage solutions and deliver meticulously crafted products that leave a lasting impression.

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BLOG: Lasting Impressions

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Interpretative Panels Part of Larger Picture

Interpretative Panels Part of Larger Picture

Sometimes printing the interpretative panels and photography pieces of a museum exhibit is like opening a puzzle box. Initially, you don’t know where each piece goes or how the pieces are connected to make the big picture. For the Mather School Museum and Interpretative Center that was our role. We printed and produced about 60 panel pieces ranging from 8” x 8” to 30” x 20,” (with the larger ones interpretative panels) some cut lettering, and some custom wallpaper. Not knowing how each of these components were going to fit together, we were looking forward to seeing how the end result would honor the story. So when I went to the opening of the exhibit for the Mather School Museum, my mouth literally fell open because I was so surprised. I saw the pieces we had produced put together to tell the amazing story of this Reconstruction Era school. Interpretative Panels Tell History The history of the Mather School, like our role in printing the components for the exhibit, is a piece of a larger story that is just beginning to be told. At the exhibit opening Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling spoke about how the Reconstruction story is like something simmering in a pressure cooker where you need to take the lid off slowly and release the contents gradually. The story of the Mather School is one of those stories being released from the pressure cooker. The school was started in 1867 by Rachel Mather (a Boston-based teacher) to educate the daughters of freed slaves, what seems like an astonishing idea for that time. The school expanded to offer high...
Simple Exhibit Sees Powerful Impact

Simple Exhibit Sees Powerful Impact

When we were first approached by the Colleton Museum about its new museum project, our client asked simply for a few interpretative banners and several photographs enlarged to tell the story of catholic schools educating African-American students in the 1950s and early 60s. When I visited the exhibit opening, I saw how powerful and empowering a relatively simple exhibit can be. We designed and printed two double-sided interpretative banners that hung from the ceiling and the “You Can Go Anywhere in Life from Here” title banner. The interpretative banners share the recollection of Charles Williams, a former student, who donated the exhibit. We printed no more than 10 photographs of images of the Gruber Street Kindergarten and Saint Joseph’s Catholic School. By exhibit standards, a relatively small project. Simple Exhibit Prompts Conversations At the opening night reception, however, I learned how powerful and empowering this story is and how the simple exhibit design promoted conversation. The story of Colleton County catholic schools educating African-American students in the 1950s and early 60s is a surprising one, a good one. The “You Can Go Anywhere in Life from Here” exhibit shares the recollection of Charles Williams who attended the schools from 1952-1963. And his memories are good ones of the education he received, the people who supported him and his classmates, and the friendships he made. From what I heard at the opening reception night from other former students, their stories too are good ones. And the conversations that followed that night were facilitated by the simple exhibit design. The exhibit is truly interactive without technology. Visitors were touching and turning the...
Turtle Cutouts Reach Museum Home

Turtle Cutouts Reach Museum Home

Sometimes it works out that you get to work on projects you love. As a business owner, it’s a perk to get to seek out projects that inspire you. In April I met a client at the South Carolina Federation of Museums conference who wanted life-size turtle cutouts of a leatherback sea turtle, green sea turtle, loggerhead sea turtle, hawksbill sea turtle, Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, and an Olive ridley sea turtle. Initially, making turtle cutouts sounds routine, but the leatherback sea turtle’s carapace (shell) length is 62 inches. And since these turtle cutouts will be used for educational purposes at the Coastal Discovery Museum they had to meet some requirements: smooth edges, sturdy, stable, portable, and they had to look real. The client asked, can you do that? In my mind this was a quick, “yes we can do that.” I have a history with turtles. I once traded my pet dachshund for a box turtle in Tennessee. Within a few days my turtle had ran away and the neighbor boy still had my dog, Hans. I learned a lesson but didn’t lose my love of turtles. Other times growing up, my dad would bring home a turtle of some sort and it too would choose an alternate home. As a married adult, I turtle sat Betty and Barney, our friends’ Galapagos tortoises in their apartment in Burbank, California. Then when we had children, my husband found in our yard after a particularly heavy Georgia downpour, a fairly large turtle. We housed it for a few days, but decided it was better off in our backyard than a...
Sign Museum—A Bucket-List Trip

Sign Museum—A Bucket-List Trip

If I were traveling this July 4th week and perhaps passing through Ohio, I would probably drive out of my way to see what USA Today describes as a “bucket-list destination” in Cincinnati, Ohio—The American Sign Museum. It’s a natural fit for a sign business that does museum work, right? A museum filled with everything signage related. And I had heard about the museum before I saw the USA Today mention, but honestly didn’t think of it as a bucket-list item until now. Then after reading the blurb my interest was piqued so I went to the American Sign Museum website. Wow! This place is a lot more than a museum dedicated to telling the more than 100-year history of American signage. It really embraces what I see as the mission of museums. It creates a place that is not only dedicated to sharing, in this case, the art and history of sign making, but also a space for cultural curiosity that brings people together. For example, this summer the museum is presenting a concert series, “Signs & Songs,” featuring some of the city’s top folk-blues, New Orleans jazz, and bluegrass bands. The museum also serves as a venue for weddings, etc. And it encourages visitors to become involved with its Save Old Signs project, which involves listing endangered signs, tracking restoration, and providing resources for preservation. Well, if I wasn’t convinced yet to make to add this to my bucket-list, I came across a blog, Bill on the Road, from a journalist Bill Clevlen, who travels across the Unites States finding “people and places making our country great.” In...

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